Birthday Resolutions

We all make New Year resolutions. We draw a long list of do’s and don’ts on the New Year eve. And manage to break most of the resolutions within one to two months. A birthday is only for celebrations. What if instead of making resolutions on New Year we make them on our birthdays? New Year is common to all, but birthdays are individual, and the resolution may therefore have a lasting impact.

These are my resolutions on my birthday. I wonder about how many readers will agree with them, but please read on. I will become a good person now onwards. I know that I am already a good person, but I will try to make myself better. I will not hurt anyone with my words or deed. I will be compassionate towards all and will control my anger as much as possible. I will release my love to all and keep my hatreds and dislikes to myself. I will try to do a work that gives me money but also gives something to the society. I will help everyone who I can help. I will work truthfully and be honest in my dealings with my co-workers even if that hurts me. I will try to donate to charities as much as I can and I will try to join some volunteer organizations to help society. I will pray for all and make confessions to God about my mistakes everyday. I will forgive all who hurt me and forget past acrimony. I don’t know when death will approach me, so I will always be alert about my actions and act in the way that pleases my maker.

How about making some ecards with such resolutions and sending them to our friends on our birthday? We would be receiving lot many ecards on our birthday. In response, we can send a thank you card and add these resolutions or something else like this and send back to let others know of our resolutions? Birthday is the right time to make resolutions and improve our life.

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